A downloadable game for Windows

There are only two Hopes for PVT Brian who will die if he is not rescued. SGT Mike and SGT Ike must brave a dangerous minefield to save their comrade. Luckily for Brian, both brothers want the medallion of honor so bad they'd die for it. The brother who gets to Brian first wins and earns the Medallion of Honor.


player1: WASD

player2: Arrow Keys

Install instructions

This is a game I created in Unity. For best results play on the highest resolution the launcher will let you. Also you may need WinRAR.


Medallion Of Honor.zip 13 MB


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This is hard!!! Why is there so little time?

But awesome job bro! This game is really cool and you should really expand on it!

Okay it worked for me this time. You might want to make the menu navigable by keyboard since at the actual game fest the contestants won't have easy access to the mouse probably.

It says invalid upload

Strange. Are you using a windows computer? I've downloaded it and played it on multiple devices.

Yeah, I am on windows. let me try again